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Personal and Professional Growth

JDC West Okanagan connects you with coaches from various faculties, industry experts, and JDC West Alumni, providing a platform to dedicate several hours each week towards honing your skills in a dynamic setting. This experience offers a unique chance to refine your case analysis capabilities, foster analytical and critical thinking, master time management, enhance public speaking, and thrive in high-pressure scenarios. Upon completion of the JDC West Okanagan journey, you will emerge equipped with the essential skills to excel diligently and effectively within your chosen industries.



At JDC West Okanagan, we are a family.  JDC West Okanagan is a safe space to collaborate, connect, and share with other like-minded students. At JDC West Okanagan, your health, safety, and well-being is our highest priority and we will find any way to help you thrive as a student and professional.

JDC West Okanagan is passionate about organizing social events for our team in addition to regularly scheduled practice. This allows you to meet new friends, safely connect with peers and mentors, and truly enjoy the JDC West experience to the fullest.

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