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At JDC West Okanagan, we believe in cultivating not only the finest business minds but also nurturing the well-being of our members as well as the entire management faculty. In the fast-paced world of academia and business, we understand the significance of mental health. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that recognizes the importance of a healthy mind alongside robust business acumen.


Resources for mental well-being will always be at your fingertips, including access to counselling services, mindfulness sessions, stress-relief workshops, and expert guidance on maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. 


Free counselling at UBCO


 Book online:


Free counselling in BC


Here2Talk is a free 24-hour support for BC post-secondary students. To speak to a counsellor by

phone, app, or online you can download the Here2Talk app or visit the site.


Access here:


UBC Student Assistance Program


 A free, 24/7 wellness resource for students offered in dozens of languages. Services include personal counselling, life coaching, group programs, and more, based on your needs.


Access here:


Kelowna Crisis Line


Available 24/7



1 888 353 2273


Suicide Crisis Line



1 800 784 2433


Indigenous Crisis Line





Learn more about the importance of mental health in University, and what you can do! 


Read here:

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