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JDC West is Western Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate case competition, bringing together a cohort of over 650 delegates from twelve renowned universities spanning British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The competition challenges delegates on the basis of academics, athletics, debate, and a challenge. Central to the competition's structure, teams accumulate points based on rankings, ultimately competing for the title of "School of the Year." The event calls upon the coordinated dedication of more than 400 volunteers, made up of diverse professionals, and over 1,300 student attendees. 


Mark your calendars for January 2024 as the upcoming JDC West competition takes place at the University of Alberta. 


JDC West comprises 10 essential Academic category-based competitions, with each category engaging three students from each team. In each scenario, participants are granted 3 hours to analyze a business case and construct a 20-minute presentation prior to facing a Q&A session and evaluation from industry judges and experts. The current academic categories are:  Accounting, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Business Technology, Marketing, Not-for-Profit Strategy, and Operations Management



The JDC West parliamentary-style Debate Competition aims to foster a professional and substantial dialogue on the policy and values pertaining to issues impacting the business world today. JDC West Debate teams comprise 4 members.

Debates are held in a format similar to the Canadian House of Commons. A topic is provided and a debate follows regarding the passage of the bill/motion that is proposed based on the topic. Teams are given 30 minutes to prepare, then each speaker will deliver a 7-minute constructive speech.


Each year, the host school selects two unique sports for participating schools to compete in. Each competing co-ed Athletic team consists of eight individuals and four academic competitors (two alternative competitors a day).  This year, the athletic division sports are Ultimate Football and Tchoukball.



Teams bring together the most ambitious, spirited JDC West competitors in a unique multi-faceted and strategic event that promotes personal and team growth, through tests of perseverance and adaptability. Each Social team has 4 students – two males and two females. These competitors are on-call for ten social challenges to be completed in less than 48 hours at any time of day or night. The social competition encourages networking, innovation and creativity.

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